• Made to original specifications using same type of material
  • Powder coated to original finish
  • Fully assessbled - ready for installation of hardware, latches, weather stripping & vinyl top

Individual parts are interchangeable with original parts and are available if you are restoring an original frame...
OR LET US DO IT FOR YOU! FULL restoration service available

Who Are We
Sully’s Tops has expanded to offer new reproduction soft-top frames and parts for 1953 – 1975 corvettes. Sully’s Tops also provides its top-quality restoration service for those who have an original frame. Over the years, many Corvettes with Sully’s Tops new or restored frames on them have been NCRS judged. No cars have ever been docked any points regarding a Sully’s Tops soft-top frame. Most major Corvette dealers across the United States carry Sully’s Tops frames and parts. Now in its 22nd year, Sully’s Tops has built, maintains, and guarantees its customers a solid reputation of top-quality products and timely first-class service.

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