Soft top frame  
Tack bow above window  
Soft top frame  
#1 through #3 bows, each  
#4 tack bow w/tack strip installed  
Rear bow swing latches per pair  
Support plates only: 56-62  
Inner brackets only: 56-62  
Outer brackets only: 56-60, 61-62  
Weatherstrip retainer set (front & side, w/fasteners)  
6 pc. window retainer only  
Window weatherstrip fasteners  
Front header retainer only: 2-pc (56-58) or 1-pc (59-62)  
Complete rebuild kit 1956-58, 59-60, 61-62  
1961-62 strap plates  
Tack strip set 1956-60, 61-62 vinyl  
Shoulder bolts  
Rivets, each  
1956-62 front frame to engine motor mounts, each side  
Rear bow 1956-60  
Rear bow 1961-62  
Front arms 1956-58 or 59-62 each piece (specify left or right, also front/rear)  
1955-62 Front engine to frame motor mnts (specify left/right) each piece  
Soft top frame  
#1 and #2  bows, each  
#3 tack bow w/tack strip installed  
Rear bow  
Rebuild kit for 63-67 frames  
Strap plates for 63-67 frames  
Tack strip set - vinyl  
Rivets, each  
Soft top frame  
Rebuild kit  
#1 and #2 bows, each  
#3 tack bow  
Rear bow  
Strap plates for 68-75 frames  
Tack strip  
Rivets, each  

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