Back in 1985, Jerry Sullivan (Sully) started looking for a good-quality, new or restorable soft-top frame for his 1957 convertible, but topless, Corvette. Like the proverbial leprechaun who has lost his pot of gold, Sully searched high and low. He tried all the existing Corvette part dealers of the day to no avail. He went to all the local swap meets. No luck. What to do?

But Sully was not one to give up. General Motors no longer made them, but surely someone was out there, somewhere, who could make him a frame. Not only could he not find anyone, but he was also told it could not be done, that the tooling for making a frame from scratch was too complicated. There were too many components within the frame. There was no way that Sully would be able to find someone to make him a soft-top frame. Of course, all of the major Corvette part dealers who Sully had contacted told him that if he did indeed find such a person or company, to let them know!

The rest is history. Needless to say, Sully persevered, and since he couldn’t find anyone else to get it done, decided to tackle the job himself, and Sully’s Tops was born. By November of 1987, the tooling for the 1956-60 years was done and the first frames were displayed at the Pomona Swap Meet in Pomona, California during the Thanksgiving weekend of that year.

Since then, Sully’s Tops has expanded to offer new reproduction soft-top frames and parts for 1953 – 1975 corvettes. Sully’s Tops also provides its top-quality restoration service for those who have an original frame. Over the years, many Corvettes with Sully’s Tops new or restored frames on them have been NCRS judged. No cars have ever been docked any points regarding a Sully’s Tops soft-top frame. Most major Corvette dealers across the United States carry Sully’s Tops frames and parts. Now in its 22nd year, Sully’s Tops has built, maintains, and guarantees its customers a solid reputation of top-quality products and timely first-class service.

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